How To Look Attractive – For Girls

June 18, 2013

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Women will spend hours upon hours trying to make themselves look incredible just to get a man to glance in her direction. Some women have been blessed with a natural beauty that doesn’t require them to put in any effort. Men follow different rules of attraction then women do. Many women believe that size is the first factor men notice, though this isn’t exactly true. Following basic rules of attraction, any woman can get the attention of a man no matter their shape or size.

Dress For Your Body

Many women have insecurities because they worry men only think about size. Size isn’t exactly the problem it’s how you prevent your size. Though women believe that showing skin is sexy its all about the woman, less about the skin. If you find yourself squeezing into a pair of shorts and a shirt, odds are its not going to flatter your figure. You want to dress to your body, that means only showing skin that looks natural and not squeezed. You can be attractive no matter what your size is, you just need to dress the part.

Accent Your Eyes

In a survey about attraction, majority of men stated that the first things they notice about a woman are her eyes. You can learn all sorts of makeup tricks that can make your eyes look their best through various makeup tutorials on the Internet. Some of these tutorials will walk you step by step through various eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara tips that are going to make your eyes look their best.

Have A Confident Smile

So many women fuss about their hair and makeup because they think that is what men want. Most men notice a woman’s confidence through her smile. You can brighten your smile by using the right toothpaste or even teeth whitening kits. By brightening your smile you will brighten up your whole face and give off a confident vibe that will grab a man’s attention.

Being attractive is complex, it goes beyond looks it is a combination of everything you have to offer. Using some of these tricks can help you bring a man to his knees. If you want to test out these new tricks, you can have yourself rated for attractiveness at This will give you a glance into how other teens rate your looks and test some of our theories that will have men begging for your attention.

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